June 20, 2021

God as Father


Sunday Take Away: God as Father – Graham

All men are called to a fatherly role – in and outside of the church.  In this calling it is important to have  an accurate understanding of the character of God as Father.  Depending on our earthly experience we can understand Him as a stern overlord or a loving father.  

Scripture helps to interpret two different characteristics of God. There is the aspect of the awesome God, the supreme Creator that puts demands on our life and the deeply loving and ever present Father. There is a balance between seeing Him as LORD of Lords and having an intimate relationship where we can call Him Papa.

In Hebrews 2:11 Jesus is happy to introduce us as His brothers and sisters.  And a good father (like our heavenly one) needs to discipline us to make us good kids.

The story of the prodigal son in Luke 15 shows how the father was perceived by each son. The younger, prodigal son wandered and squandered.  This is a bigger picture, for today there are some in the church who have wandered away. 

The older son, who stayed at home, (those already in the church) would not come to the party at his brother’s return.

It is the Father’s heart to give us the kingdom, for us to have the riches of heaven. 

The prodigal son, humbled and repentant, saw his father as one to whom he could return to, albeit as a servant. The older son, who already had everything the Father could give him, saw his father as someone who required him to work, like a duty to perform. He saw himself as a slave, like those today who feel they have to earn their way into the kingdom.

The father’s response to both sons was to go looking.  With the prodigal his looking was not with a hopeless, bemoaning but with hope, expectation and great anticipation knowing he will come to his senses and return. With the older son the father went out and entreated him to enter into his joy.

It is important for us today to see God as our Father who longs for us to be part of His family and to give us access to His abundance.

Today you are invited to join His family!