History of WOCC

West Ottawa Christian Community was started in 1973 out of a youth ministry called The Way People, and was originally called Church of the Way. Many of the core group were from a Baptist background but people came from a wide spectrum of churches because they wanted to experience a new expression of church life that included contemporary worship, good teaching, community, body life, and outreach. In the early 80’s the name was changed to West Ottawa Christian Community.

In the early years, meetings were held on Sunday afternoons in the basement of St. Richard’s Anglican Church, but beginning in 1979 they were held Sunday mornings in various high schools in the west end of Ottawa. In 1990 a house was purchased on Pinecrest Road to be used for offices and meetings during the week; in 1996 services were moved to Pinecrest Public School next door to The House to be able to use the House space for Sunday School classes on Sundays as well. Then in 2001 WOCC purchased a warehouse on Carp Road, which was renovated to include a large meeting area, offices, a nursery and Sunday School rooms. Renovations are ongoing to the kitchen and fellowship area, and plans have been made to develop the upstairs and the back area of the building when finances permit. The first service was held in the new building in May, 2002, and the Celebration Centre was officially opened in September, 2002.

West Ottawa Christian Community has carried a vision of serving the city by serving the churches of the city. We have participated in leadership of city-wide events like March for Jesus, the Billy Graham Mission, 40 Days Ablaze, the Father Loves You Conferences, and the Sacred Assembly of the First Nations. We also helped to organize and lead the Pastors’ Prayer Fellowship and The Gathering of Ontario Pastors for Watchmen for the Nations, and have been involved in planning and supporting the Shiloh Hills tent meetings for many years.