A Place to Connect - Small Groups

A Small Group is a place where we relate with a few in a deeper and meaningful way that is not always possible on Sundays.

Sometimes these groups are called Home Groups, or Life Groups, or Connect Groups. The name is not important; the purpose is.
The purpose of a Small Group can be explained through four terms:





It is all about living life together so that God’s Kingdom can come and we make a difference in our world!

A Place to Learn - Sermons and Talks

The list below contains the most recent WOCC Sunday messages. You may use it to listen to any listed sermons. Please email us to send any suggestions, comments or problems.

To get a sermon that isn’t listed please email info@wocc.ca

A Place to Share - Community Posts

What’s on your mind? Did God reveal something amazing? Did you learn something that you want to share?

Community Posts is the place to Share

A Place to Serve - Volunteers

We need volunteers to function fully and effectively.

We recognize the importance of each one who volunteers and appreciate you all.

If you want to help please contact the office at info@wocc.ca


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