poster for The Big Give

Volunteers urgently needed!

  • Free Yard Sale
    • BRING: clothing, small furniture, kitchen items, games, electronic, decorations, etc.
    • AVOID: baby items, appliances
    • Items can be stored in warehouse before the event

      After the event, please pick up anything of yours that remains

  • Car Wash

    We’ll need a lot of people for this, it will be one of our main services

  • Kids Activities

    face painting, drawing, arts and crafts

  • Sports

    currently we have volleyball, we will need some people to play and aid organization

  • BBQ

    gotta have food, and everyone loves a BBQ, so we’ll need some cooks

  • Carnival Games

    mini activities: NERF target shoot, ring toss

  • Welcomers

    something we all should do, need some specific people at the front and near the street with signs

  • Prayer Table

    a place to pray for others and call on the Spirit to be present at this event

  • Flyers

    need people to post these in public areas or hand them out